Brian Curry

About Brian

“Hi, it’s me, Brian.  Welcome to Brian Curry Magic. Let me begin by telling you a little bit about myself. I love what I do.  Studying magic has been a lifelong passion.  When I performed my first trick 20 years ago I cut my father's tie in half and put it back together, and it almost worked! I was hooked.   

I won my first big magic competition as a teenager at the
World Magic Summit in Washington DC.  You’re probably
wondering what winning an international competition
means.  The answer is ‘nothing’. But it did give me the
boost I needed to start a career in magic. You’re
probably also wondering what kinds of parents
allow their kids to attend a convention full of
magicians... I plead the fifth (‘Hi Mom!’).

While I am based in DC, I perform nationally
entertaining at both corporate and private
events. If planning an upcoming event is your
responsibility, I can make your job easier,
and ensure that everyone has a great time.
Let’s make your event the one they will talk
about for weeks to come.