Brian Curry


Planning your event? Let's chat. When many people think of magic shows, they are usually imagining a traditional theatre-style show, but that's only one way to use magic at your event. Call me and we'll talk about a few options to impress your guests 888-831-0824.Below are two of the more popular choices.

Strolling Magic happens in the hands of your audience, making it the most interactive and social style of magic. As your guests mingle during a cocktail hour, I approach a group, introduce myself and then cause magic to happen. Bills multiply, change denomination - even become foreign currency; their driver's licenses vanish and appear in impossible places; these are just a few of the amazing things your guests will experience. When I leave, their jaws will be on the floor (figuratively). I might also steal their watch (literally). Don't worry, they get their watches back. If you've never seen this kind of magic, please contact me and I'll give you a list of upcoming public events you can attend.

Stand-Up Magic is a more formal show. The magic at a Stand-Up show is bigger than strolling magic but still small enough to fit on any stage. Whether it's a banquet for your most important clients, or a small dinner with friends, I take the gloves off and pack this show with hard-hitting comedy magic. I produce a dozen bottles, read your guests' minds and attempt the most difficult card trick on the planet. The Combo. Have an entire evening of entertainment by combining a Stand-Up show with Strolling Magic. This has the best of both worlds and lets your guests experience a variety of magical entertainment.